Advertise Your Business on a Quovis !

"Mobile advertising displays boost name recognition 15 times greater than any other form of advertising."
—Product Acceptance and Research, Inc.

People are spending more and more time in their cars and it's becoming very difficult to reach these consumers with traditional advertising. Quovis Mobile Advertising reaches these hard-to-reach consumers more effectively than any other form of advertising, such as newspapers and TV.

Why will Quovis Mobile Advertising work for you ?

Quovis Mobile Advertising is target marketing. You are targeting consumers that are most likely to use your business services … the potential customers that live and work near your business. You are not wasting dollars on advertising to people that are not in your market area. Your Quovis driver lives in your community, right where you want to advertise. The Quovis will drive in neighborhoods and at times you both agree will be beneficial for promoting your business.

The unique style of the Quovis attracts attention. Just park the Quovis outside your business for a few minutes and watch the attention it receives.

To advertise your business on a Quovis CERTAIN information is needed. Save a copy of this form (PDF 73k), which will serve as your advertising contract.


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